Privacy Policy

Special care is taken by us at Installment Loans to safeguard the confidential details that you provide us when applying for any of our services. To ensure that the confidential details that you provide us remain intact, we have utilized various advanced safety measures. With us you can apply without any hesitation as we will never misuse your personal information or sell them to other third party.

Generally the information that you need to send us at Installment Loans when applying for our loan services include, name, email ID, bank account details and social security number. The only reason behind collecting such information is to help you find a competitive loan deal suiting your needs. We may also make use of the information to contact you back whenever required. We will forward you information about promotional offers only if you are interested in receiving them.

However, there is no need of forwarding us any of your personal information just to browse through the pages of Installment Loans. You are free to access information about any of our loan service for personal reference without revealing your personal identity. Besides, your personal details will never be collected without your consent.

The privacy policy of Installment Loans is subjected to change at any time without prior notice. So, visit us at regular interval to stay updated of any changes made by us.

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